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The FH Academy increases its range of services !
FH Academy Wakeboard in Porto Pollo
FH Academy School
Ok is a known fact that the snow melts in the summer, but it is not a good reason to stop having fun like crazy with a board attached to the feet.
FH Academy Wakesurf in Porto Pollo
FH Academy School
Riding the waves like Hawaiian surfers is also possible on the wonderful waters of Porto Pollo in Sardinia !! Don't you believe it? Come visit Us!!
FH Academy Sci Nautico in Porto Pollo
Water Ski
FH Academy School
The timeless elegance of the skis. Put on vintage sunglasses and come to have fun with the two skis or to lift walls of water at full speed with the monoski for the more experienced.

About Us

School for disciplines, simple and adrenaline, viable for all ages.

The FH Academy dedicates itself with love and professionalism to teaching a range of water sports.

The theater of this activity is the splendid Isola dei Gabbiani in Porto Pollo in Sardinia. With its inimitable beauty, It is one of the most famous destinations in the world for Kitesurfing, sailing and surfing enthusiasts.

The school is a little corner of paradise where the adrenaline for a unique sport and the philosophy of 'Wind Therapy' are combined with the feeling of relaxation that aims to offer you dream days.


We amplify your fun!
Banana Boat
Banana Boat Services in Porto Pollo
Banana Boat
FH Academy School
For the younger ones and those who love water games that want to have fun we offer the opportunity to ride the waters of Porto Pollo on the banana or with inflatable donuts. A fun for all ages!
Kitesurf and wakeboard Kids School in Porto Pollo
FH Academy School
Fun for the whole family. Thanks to equipment specially designed for children, They can also go in the water with mom and dad, under the eyes of the teacher. From 5 years old.
FH Academy Boats Float in Porto Pollo
FH Academy Services
Boats for wakeboarders who generate a wave that is easy to use, small and soft, perfect for both skis and monoski. In addition we provide the best equipment to ensure your fun in total safety.


holistic space
Yoga in Porto Pollo
For your relax.

Regenerate body and mind with the practice of yoga, discover the awareness of breathing and the relaxation of outdoor meditation in the middle of nature.

FH Academy Wakeboard & Wakesurf School and Services

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Dedicated Boat for wakeboard in Porto Pollo
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Wakeboard lessons in Porto Pollo
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Wakeboard School in Porto Pollo
Wakesurf in Porto Pollo
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